Zodiac reach for the stars with new automation systems


The Zodiac Aerospace group were founded in 1896. Today it is one of the top ten aeronautics manufactures with 100 sites worldwide. Supplying components in three sectors of aeronautics: cabins, aeroplane seats, aerosystems and services.

At the Zodiac Besancon factory,  where work is carried out for the aerosystem sector, the group recently started a project called Besancon 2020. ‘Factory of the Future’ with the aim of revising and upgrading its production systems.  Zodiac contacted our colleagues at Trilogiq France during the planning stages of replacing its system with automatic processes and workflows.

“We choose trilogiq because they have the experience to help us with the automation of our new system and provide simple to use solutions that are easy to install and very economic.”

The AGV solutions have been evolving on four very different scenarios, each with different tasks. These are shooter carts and deposit and transfer systems. Four different applications including three different carts of varying sizes and one shooter cart.

”The shooter cart is the most advanced solution, since ergonomic improvements were the main consideration at the beginning of the project. Now our operators can load boxes directly and the AGV takes a specific number of boxes with full autonomy so there is no load take-up by our operators “



The first basic specification, initially sent to TRILOGIQ provided a plan of what they needed at that time.  Zodiac were able to make adjustments to the solutions as their processes evolved and the possibilities were realized. Not long afterwards, once the specifications were customized the AGVs were installed.

“In order to get and control a stand alone system, we developed some solutions and new applications ourselves that we hadn’t realised could be made for our specifications with Trilogiq. This solution is flexible, customisable, easy to evolve and we endorse it!”

“Now the AGVs that was installed 6 months ago have evolved.  Most of the people who visit us and see the AGV at work are surprised because it is a very easy system that can do so many different things.  We explain that we created it with Trilogiq at the beginning and that we made it evolve to fulfil new functions. They are amazed at the results, knowing that we had no knowledge of automation systems but have been able to create new innovation solutions with Graphit and AGV.”


The applications Zodiac has installed now, which are not as they visualized them at the beginning, will continue to evolve as its factories goals change. The next project is a new AGV.

Watch the video:

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