The future in innovative manufacturing


Information is presented at the right height for maximum impact and comprehension at Sunna Designs, (photo above) where a whole range of solutions have been devised and configured by Trilogiq France.  Our modular Graphit range of tubes and brackets are widely used to create innovative three-dimensional working structures and present visual information. Workstations, production cells and ergonomic handling equipment have been introduced throughout the production area.

Screens are integrated into workstations and used for staff self-training, project planning and information sharing. This ensures that visual information is presented to operators seamlessly within the working area.  Integrated solutions that are visually impressive and still maintain clean lines and simple design are created, which are the hallmarks of an effective lean manufacturing solution.

Sunna Designs have produced an excellent video giving us a glimpse into manufacturing of the future.


Visual concepts are central to the lean approach. Through our involvement with manufacturers who have embraced lean, we have matched visual management systems to the innovative technologies of our customers.

The same components are also ideal for creating frames for notice-boards. Structures can be built to any size and dimension to fit visual information as required, rather than working with off-the-shelf applications that might be too large or too small. Frames can be integrated onto walls or gantries positioned at the entrance or exit of a working area to deliver information to employees as they arrive or leave.


We are specialists is visual management solutions, contact us to discuss your requirements.  We offer a full project management service from concept to completion.