TAKT time to promote workspace efficiency


Companies who maximize productivity by optimizing production environments ensure a steady flow of materials to the line-side.

Live storage
can be configured so that replenishment and retrieval tasks are maintained without disrupting production areas. Working areas are optimized by designing them with components, tools, and equipment within easy reach. Trolleys and carts should be matched to specific handling requirements.

One of our customers, an electronics manufacturer, uses hundreds of modular storage racks and modifies them frequently to meet changes in operations. A small stock of components, supplemented by overnight delivery, allows the company to respond quickly to changing requirements and meet performance targets. The company estimates its TAKT time – a key performance measure – has improved by around 20%

Another one of our customers has reduced the number of line-side containers by 58% in their final assembly area by integrating modular live storage racks with existing permanent fixtures. The use of reinforced roller track promotes first-in-first-out stock rotation, allowing parts delivery to the exact point of use, rather than to the line end, which further reduces required stock levels.

The creation of ergonomic working environments will promote workspace efficiency and productivity. Modular handling and storage systems allow users to create ergonomic installations that require fewer and shorter movements to access, retrieve and replace a component or assembly than traditional working environments. These small savings contribute to improved productivity while reducing the risks associated with repetitive or unnecessary handling.

Modular storage promotes low total lifetime cost of ownership because components are inexpensive and reusable. The initial investment is not lost when the installation is adapted.

The ability to create production environments matched to our customers’ specific requirements make GRAPHIT modular storage and handling systems an increasingly popular way to support lean manufacturing.

We provide tubing, connectors, and accessories that can be assembled into structures such as:

  • live storage
  • carts
  • ergonomic workstations

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