Find your way to success with 5S

Maintaining customer service with consistent value, quality standards and delivery times is the main aim for the successful manufacturing company.

When starting on the lean journey, the place to begin is the factory floor, looking at areas that need improvement – waste management in general and at workstations, inventory levels, transportation, the supply of raw materials to the point of process.

Reductions in motions and waiting time can be introduced to minimize over-reaching by operatives, stock movements, and redundant processes.

Introducing and sticking to the principles of 5S will create many benefits for your business and the workforce alike including:

  • organized workspaces
  • increased efficiency
  • improved production quality
  • increase productivity
  • happier staff
  • a safer and healthier environment

5S stands for:

Sort: Tidy up, get rid of clutter and determine what you need on a daily basis to get the job done – dispense with everything else.

Set to Order: Place all relevant materials within reach of operatives, reduce over-reaching and the need to be away from the workstation looking for tools and materials.

Shine: Make the work area look great for workers and customers, creating a clean, aesthetically pleasing, safe and user-friendly working environment.

Standardize: Create standard practices that will ensure maintenance of the steps you have already undertaken to sort, set to order and shine.  For example, reconfigure work areas, color code and map functions and processes, introduce live storage.

Sustain: Monitor to ensure all new practices continue to be followed, make changes and improvements as demand requires. Eliminate the build-up of clutter.

Trilogiq USA is an expert when it comes to Lean Manufacturing. We  provide modular solutions that can be designed and built to the customer’s individual requirements, transported to site and assembled to make modular construction more cost-effective and time-efficient than traditional methods.