Solutions for Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement


Trilogiq provides solutions for every aspect of manufacturing, from production line to distribution. We enable our customers to create a lean manufacturing environment that delivers real performance improvements and great return on investment.


Developed to support lean manufacturing and cellular production, our modular systems create highly efficient, ergonomic, and adaptable structures for displaying, storing and handling items in warehouses, factories or workshops, including:

  • Carts – Transport products from A to B with ease.
  • Flow Rack – First in first out (FIFO) – Load from the back, pick from the front. Load from the side and pick from the front. Used in many areas, such as stock control and replenishment, line side and packing to hold loads of any shape, size and quantity, depending on the unique requirements and function of flow racks.
  • Ergonomic Workstations – Provides all parts and equipment required within easy reach for task completion.
  • Kitting Stations – Provides all parts and equipment required at lineside and within easy reach for task completion.
  • Work Cells – Workstations and conveyors that provide everything needed for efficient and effective task completion.
  • Conveyor – Moving and handling heavy parts along the production line to increase speed and prevent staff injury.

Using our solutions for all areas of manufacturing can help maximise compatibility, quality and safety,  assisting with implementing standardisation. Our solutions are easy to use and understand, and will help to keep your site looking consistent throughout.


We aim to provide the right solution, first time, every time!

At Trilogiq, we are focussed on achieving the highest levels of customer service. We aim to provide the right solution first time, every time. Investment in plant and equipment at our Banbury factory has enabled us to continuously improve our own assembly processes, providing unrivalled lead times to our customers.

Modular systems reduce production line design costs because components are inexpensive, interchangeable and reusable.  Solutions can be devised and created to support specific processes and reconfigured quickly and easily whenever requirements evolve or improvements are identified.

Our applications will benefit your business because they are:

  • Mobile – easy to move around. Ideal for area changes and moving parts from stock to production.
  • Easy to use – easy to build and reconfigure.
  • Bespoke – any size, any shape, designed specifically to suit your requirements.
  • Reusable – components can be used again and again.
  • Modular – when requirements change, applications can be adapted accordingly.
  • Easy to  access – all products are clearly separated, clearly displayed, and clearly labelled.
  • Ergonomic – everything within easy reach, reducing the amount operatives need to bend, stretch and twist.
  • Space efficient  – using minimal space to display all the relevant information, store and stock as many parts as possible and improve the footprint of production and storage areas, which in turn increases your production space and maximises profits.


Our solutions promote continuity and standardisation throughout the manufacturing environment, for uniform and consistent workflows, and provide applications that are easy to use and understand.

Contact us now to find out more about our solutions and our free consultation and design service.