Process Improvement

We offer a full range of services for industry – from lean solutions design and implementation through to Kaizen events. We provide full logistical support across North America and worldwide via our partners at Trilogiq.


Solution Design, Build and Installation

We’ll visit your site, consider your processes, functional requirements and budget, and propose a complete custom solution. Complete solutions are typically delivered to your site ready for use. Larger applications may require additional assembly on site by our highly-experienced build team.


Solution Design and Self-Build

Custom design with components supplied for self-build.

We’ll visit your site, assess your application requirements and design a custom solution. Components will be supplied as a kit for your own engineers to assemble on site.


Component Supply

Project Engineers familiar with the Graphit and LeanTek systems can order additional components in order to expand or reconfigure their applications.


Project Management

We can provide a dedicated team to manage your product from conception to completion.

Our vast experience of implementing lean modular solutions – for vast, multi-site installations, smaller ad-hoc projects or Kaizen events – means you can rest assured that your solution will be on time and budget.


For Outdoor Events

We can provide a complete onsite rigging service for large-scale events, such as the London Marathon.

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