Save time and money with ergonomic workstations

Manufacturers can reduce costly staff injuries, product defects and returns by using modular workstations created for specific production processes.

Ergonomic workstations are designed and built for use in a huge variety of manufacturing processes.

Many people find that pain flares up when they adopt certain postures for long periods such as hunching over a desk, over-reaching to retrieve heavy items or standing and turning frequently at an awkward angle. Tired staff are more likely to make mistakes resulting in expensive product defects and production slow-downs. Minimizing the occurrence of injury helps eliminate rejected product and returns for a more effective production process.

Workstations that are optimized for the production environment, at the correct height and convenient for work, help to combat over-reaching and reduce the injuries that can lead to staff absences.

Defects and rejects cost time and money. Returned items must be fixed or replaced which also affects customer perceptions and service.

Disposing of rejects adds even more cost. The easiest solution is to avoid making bad product in the first place. Adaptable and ergonomic workstations matched to the specific process can be designed and built to ensure that components, assemblies, and tools are in the correct position and easy to reach. This makes the working area much more efficient because staff are more productive and less stressed or fatigued which means they are less likely to make mistakes and damage items.

Specialists in lean manufacturing solutions, we help to deliver continuous performance improvement for our customers in manufacturing, engineering, and production. The GRAPHIT modular system can be assembled into a variety of solutions including:

•   live storage
•   racking
•   carts and trolleys
•   ergonomic workstations

We design custom applications and supply a wide range of interchangeable components, brackets, wheels, and accessories. These can be used to create solutions that can be adapted, reconfigured and rebuilt whenever required. This flexibility delivers great cost effectiveness and a greater return on investment.

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