Royal Mail takes a step forward in ergonomics and efficiency

Royal Mail has recently made improvements to ergonomics
and efficiency within their plant, saving workspace and
reducing staff injury.

Custom Royal Mail application demonstrated.

Interview with Ken House from Royal Mail Logistics

Ken talks to Joe at Tube and Bracket UK about the new process and how it has made an impact at Royal Mail

New equipment, incorporating conveyors, enables operators to tip loads at a lower level. Now the mail is automatically dropped onto the conveyor, which allows it to roll down in front of the operators who are waiting to sort it. They can pick the bundles up and remove the straps or the banding, place the mail into containers in the correct position and push the mail away, allowing an operator on the other side to pick it up and move on to the next process.

Trays are returned from the back by a logistics operator who keeps the operators fed with containers. This has eliminated the bending, twisting and lifting the operators would have to do in the past. Now staff can stand ready to do the task without needing to turn around and reach behind them to replenish empty containers.

The process they had prior to the changes involved operators picking up 10kg bags of mail, lifting them above head height to empty the contents, then placing the mail into trays, lifting the trays up, bending down and placing them into a container.

“This has actually reduced the amount of space we need and the amount of workstations. We used to spread out all over the workshop in different areas, so we didn’t have a lot of space, but with the incline bolted to the floor and these bolted to it, it has a permanent home and setup 24 hours a day – so when we have a job, it is there.Says Ken House of the Royal Mail “We don’t have to walk back and forth resetting the work areas so it’s given us safety there in the work areas as well”