Retail benefits from modular stock handling revolution


Modular stock handling systems took a major step forward recently with the launch of the new Graphit system from Trilogiq.

Gone are the old-style heavy gauge steel tubes and angular brackets, to be replaced with sleek new composite connectors and tubes made from carbon fibre, anodised aluminum and stainless steel. The resulting structures are lighter, more robust and stronger than those made with earlier systems. They would not look out of place in a trendy loft conversion but the benefits to anyone who wants to stock, store or transport items in a retail setting are very real.

Originally developed to support lean manufacturing and cellular production, the primary use of modular systems like Graphit is to create highly efficient, ergonomic and adaptable structures for storing and handling items in a warehouse, factory or workshop.

Structures can be optimised for the shape and size of the items being handled and the specific space available. They can be adapted as often as required to maintain efficiency and make improvements.  These benefits have ensured that modular systems are now widely used across the supply chain and for retail, display and exhibitions.

The new connector design also means that the joint is completely and securely enclosed with smooth edges around the tube’s whole circumference to eliminate the ingress of water, liquids, dust and other contaminants.  This helps prevent corrosion but also makes the new system most suited to applications where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount, such as pharmaceutical or food storage, preparation and production.

Graphit tubes are available in a choice of carbon fibre, anodised aluminium or stainless steel in a variety of gauges, finishes and shades to complement the colours of the connectors.

  • The aluminum tubes are 65% lighter
  • The carbon fibre tubes 86% lighter
  • The composite connectors 60% lighter, than steel alternatives.









Weight savings that result in structures that are easier to move and handle, allowing heavier items to be handled without exceeding restrictions.