Reduce Wasteful Production Movements

Modular workstations and storage facilities built with the Lean Tek system from The Tube & Bracket Company help manufacturers to reduce unnecessary handling and storage movements in production areas to save time and money. Unnecessary movement is one of the seven “muda” or wasteful processes identified in lean manufacturing methodology but eliminating them can be applied to any manufacturing or production process to achieve performance improvement.

Unnecessary movement in the working area adds to the time taken to complete a task which reduces productivity and adds to costs. It occurs when items such as tools, equipment and components are positioned so that staff have to walk, reach or stretch to collect or handle them.

With Lean Tek, workstations, storage areas can be designed ergonomically, so that items are in the correct position, close to hand whenever they are needed.

The savings in movements achieved by staff reduce the overall time taken to complete a task or process and this contributes to increased productivity and performance. Ergonomic production and storage areas also present staff with fewer distractions which means they are less likely to make mistakes and this helps improve quality.

Adaptable workstations and parts supermarkets can be designed to take up the correct space – no more, no less – to accommodate the specific manufacturing process. In addition to improving ergonomics this helps increase overall production density because more workstations or manufacturing cells can be fitted into the same space which reduces the cost of each.

The LeanTek system includes a wide range of interchangeable tubular components, brackets, wheels and accessories that can be used to create live storage racks, carts, trolleys, and workstations that can be adapted, reconfigured and rebuilt whenever required. This flexibility delivers greater cost effectiveness and lower overall cost of ownership than comparable devices made from welded steel or similar materials. A new book available free of charge from The Tube & Bracket Company offers practical advice on how to introduce lean principles in almost any manufacturing production process to reduce all seven areas of waste, boost performance, lower lead times and cut costs.