Reduce staff injuries with process driven conveyor solutions


A flexible and reliable gravity conveyor system can make all the difference when moving heavy or difficult loads.

Gravity conveyors include those with rollers, wheels or chutes where objects move by gravity or momentum, typically mounted at a slightly declined angle, therefore using gravity to assist product movement. Staff no longer need to continuously pick up and move parts, manual handling is reduced as product can either slide into position (if horizontal) or gravity is left to do the work.

CONVEYOR ROLLER DETAILGravity roller conveyors are the simplest way of transporting loads quickly from one point to another. Minimal effort is required in the movement of goods whether it is manual assistance or gravitational force. They are power free and consist of enclosed tracks for the use of hand pushed containers.

The most economical and popular method of conveying unit loads for long distances, they provide numerous benefits for material handling and packaging industries; allowing safe, speedy and efficient transportation of bulky objects, heavy goods and pallets from one level to another, which when done by human operative would be strenuous and expensive.

The journey is mapped out and idiot proofed so that parts never go astray and assembly is always done in the right order. This eliminates the risk of items being picked up and replaced in the wrong destination.

Workstations connected by conveyors make the process very easy to understand and designate a clear order for staff to follow. Mistakes will be identified quickly, saving valuable production time, where every second counts. With no need to manually handle heavy and awkward objects, staff injury and damage to fragile stock is eliminated.
Our conveyors can be installed almost anywhere by our qualified engineers. All shapes and sizes, equipped to fit individual needs and optimized to maximize efficiency in the available floorspace. Our systems are custom built with modular components to include many advanced features that promote safety and help prevent accidents. Solutions can be devised and created to support specific processes and reconfigured quickly and easily whenever requirements evolve or improvements are identified.

We design and install conveyor systems for a wide range of industries with minimal disruption to the manufacturing process. Contact us to discuss your requirements.