Process improvement with virtually uninterrupted production


Making necessary changes to your manufacturing environment is important to keep up with ever increasing customer demand and evolving industry practices. However, doing so can feel like a costly risk.

Ideally you want your production processes improved without disrupting workflow. Trilogiq USA’s turn-key solutions are the answer to making these upgrades without disrupting existing operations.

‘Graphit’ and ‘Leantek’ solutions can be designed, constructed, delivered to site, and installed as a completed application. Customers have the option to build themselves from our material or enlist Trilogiq’s complete design and build service which can result in significant time saved.  All projects are completely customized to our customer’s solution and exact specifications.

Our design team will create the essential design to fit perfectly with your performance and production needs. The turn-key service offers a complete solution for your production process including workstations, live storage / flow-racks and conveyors, parts supermarkets and trolleys designed specifically for your lean manufacturing requirements.

Applications are designed and built at Trilogiq’s site in Michigan.  This ensures that disruption to workflow is minimal or avoided altogether.

All designs are apply ergonomic principles that supply everything needed to perform a specific task, delivered ‘Just in Time’ as needed to the area of production. This often includes mobile solutions with pre-installed whiteboard and monitor frames and various types of accessories including shadow boards and water bottle holders etc. Our applications packages offer complete solutions for economy of movement, which saves operator time, reduces injury and increases productivity.

Extensive experience gained across many industry sectors has given us the expertise to build ergonomic turn-key applications.  Graphit and Leantek products are so versatile that reconfiguration is quick and easy, when required ‘down the line’,  when your business grows, and you need to adapt to fit with new processes as part of your continuous improvement objectives.

Delivered and installed ready for the intended purpose, Trilogiq solution are fully functional with no need to modify for use, and can be fully stocked with all the tools and equipment needed for each task.  Ready for action within minutes.

Our services include: workspace planning, construction coordination and the complete installation of your applications, ready for immediate use.  The solution for realizing your value stream ideals!

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