Why modular solutions are the way forward


When it comes to unique industry requirements and timescales, modular solutions provide the flexibility to future-proof your investment.

This decade will see the modular approach become the ideal solution for the temporary and permanent spaces required for lean manufacturing, and the method of choice for many industries including medical, retail and hospitality.  Pop-up facilities built to order and without delay, then removed and recycled for waste reduction when no longer required, are already a feature in offices and outdoor catering.

Among the many benefits of the modular approach is the flexibility to create structures that can be reconfigured quickly and easily when the need arises. Build time and disruption are reduced with immediate improvements for health and safety, production line performance, and the environment.

GRAPHIT’s advanced technology has given rise to this faster and more cost-efficient method of building solutions. Now stronger and lighter than ever before, GRAPHIT enables applications that can be designed and built to a customer’s individual requirements, transported to site and assembled. This makes modular construction more cost-effective and time-efficient than traditional methods.


  • GRAPHIT’s modular system is flexible and structures can be reconfigured to suit your unique requirements and budget.
  • Solutions can be easily dismantled and reassembled in another location.
  • Tubes and Brackets can be recycled to reduce the need for new materials.
  • GRAPHIT is available in a range of colors to match your branding.
  • GRAPHIT modular solutions are built for durability and require little maintenance.

The ability to adapt and modify a process to introduce improvement is at the heart of lean manufacturing. Many businesses are tempted to replace existing handling, storage and workstation installations with more dynamic facilities as part of their program. Modular installations built with Trilogiq’s GRAPHIT system, offer the flexibility and adaptability required by lean manufacturers.

The beauty of GRAPHIT is that it supports change. Components are inexpensive, interchangeable and reusable. Modifications can be made quickly and easily using basic tools in response to evolving production requirements.

We are specialists in custom modular solutions and provide a dedicated team to manage your project from conception to completion.