Our modular systems are ideal for appliance production. Structures can be used throughout the supply chain – from supplier to lineside. This enables users to handle and store critical and sensitive components and sub-assemblies safely, accurately and efficiently. By optimizing material flows, these structures ensure items are always in the right place at the right time for high-performance lean manufacturing.

As many aspects of appliance production, such as market specific product options, long supply chains, and repetitive assembly are similar in the automotive industry, innovations can be cross transferred from one industry to another rapidly and successfully.

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New Trilogiq CEO Reintroduces Steel Range

In February 2017 Nick Tyler took over as CEO of TRILOGIQ, bringing over 30 years’ of experience in Lean Manufacturing solutions to the Group.  “My first priority as CEO is to make sure our product range, and the way we deliver solutions, matches the needs of our customers. We have been highly innovative over the last few … Continued

Any Shape, Any Size

Going modular will increase your capacity to handle items of any shape and size on the production line. Strange and unusual shapes, large or cumbersome items can be handled efficiently and safely in production, service and distribution environments using adaptable carts created with the GRAPHIT modular system. Carts can be assembled in almost any configuration … Continued