Improving moving and handling in food and drink production


GRAPHIT is the perfect range for sensitive and hermetic environments to help you meet the challenges your production line can produce.

Optimizing workstations, introducing live storage, roller track, and carts purpose-built to store, handle and transport items, are changes that can be made to improve the layout and ergonomics of working areas and ensure produce, components and tools are always within easy reach. This reduces the number of picking tasks and the distances moved to place or retrieve items.

Our fully optimized applications for the food production environment, help to combat over-reaching and reduce the injuries that can lead to mistakes, resulting in expensive recalls and production slow-downs. GRAPHIT is resistant to corrosion by liquids and easy to clean and maintain.

Trilogiq has done extensive research and has the experience and know-how to design and build modular solutions to suit all requirements. Extremely versatile and reusable, our custom built solutions are fully adjustable and ideal for sensitive production areas and mobile storage, providing the toughness and cleanliness so important in food processing and distribution. Contact us for more information.