Are you interested in an immediate improvement in your workflow?


Are growing production demands putting increased pressure on your production line?

If you need to provide more parts to the lineside you are probably considering the safety issues and logistics of handling heavier, more frequent loads. Kanban Racking solutions provide the extremely precise delivery of first in first out (FiFO) line-side supplies when and where they are needed.

Implementing a Kanban racking system will give you the advantage of being highly responsive to lean manufacturing processes with efficient component delivery and precise stock inventory.

Empty or overfilled bins become a thing of the past while work areas become easier to keep tidy and maintain, and productivity is increased. Bulky line-side packaging is eliminated, meaning less packaging and lower weight, allowing items to be kept in circulation and transported at the lowest possible cost, excluding the need for forklift trucks within busy areas.

To overcome the problem of moving heavy bins, introduce a lineside delivery system. This will eliminate the need for the manual handling of filled-to-capacity bins, reducing potential health and safety risks.

Lineside delivery provides an immediate improvement in the effectiveness of your workflow, keeping work within ergonomic limits and minimizing operator error. It reduces cost and increases efficiency in manufacturing processes and stock management, and supports just-in-time stock rotation and replenishment.

A 2/3 bin system will manage stock control and trigger refills to eliminate the need for manual moving and handling.  Loads can be delivered by conveyor, directly to the point of use and replenished easily ready for production. Rack levels are adjusted so the incline gives a direct view of the load while the contents are easy to access.

Solutions are designed for the management and delivery of parts from stores area to the lineside point of use. Mobile units can provide additional access throughout the assembly process to allow a flexible workspace. When one bin is removed another bin takes it place, with the empty bin moving along the rack for refilling. This ongoing process ensures operatives always have access to stock at just the right position, eliminating the need to move away from workstations to manage stock replacement and incorporate “FIFO” within their daily activity.

Our modular solutions provide the ability to make quick and easy changes to your process and workflow. You can optimize applications for specific processes used throughout the factory, and in the storage and movement of components along the production line.

We supply a range of modular systems that can be assembled into a variety of solutions including live storage, carts, trolleys and ergonomic workstations for use in Kanban, first-in-first-out stock management and throughout the manufacturing process. These can be modified or reconfigured quickly and easily to meet process changes.

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