Improve performance and increase efficiency


Lean manufacturing offers significant potential for manufacturers to improve performance, increase efficiency and optimize processes.

Optimizing storage areas and reducing the distance production staff need to move can have a major impact on productivity. Using gravity fed live storage will ensure optimum use of space. Components delivered direct to assembly operatives in the right position and height – and at the right time – will reduce the time taken to complete each task, saving valuable storage space and leading to increased productivity.

Manufacturers can be more responsive to changing conditions and offer greater flexibility to their customers by shortening the value chain, invoicing earlier, reducing inventory and saving costs.

Improvements often involve making changes to the handling and storage of components, sub-assemblies and finished products to create ergonomic working environments that reduce the number of actions needed to complete a task or process.

One of  our UK customers upgraded and improved their manufacturing processes on two sites in days rather than weeks using modular line-side racks. Project engineers incorporated modular storage solutions that were not readily available off-the-shelf into individual work cells to maximize efficiency. This improved ergonomic work areas, reduced operative movements and supported the introduction of “just-in-time” component supply.

Another customer in the automotive industry has reclaimed 67% of their available floor space with the introduction of live storage racks. These allow 12 levels of product storage in each area instead of single pallets stored directly on the floor. 

The Challenge: Pallets were stored directly on the floor,  which took up most of the available workspace. Operatives also had difficulty finding unlabeled parts. The solution: The introduction of 12 level racking, allowing 12 times the storage in allotted areas has saved two-thirds of the available floor space.  All parts the same are now sorted together into customized labeled compartments, rather than across 12 pallets, making it easier to find and monitor stock efficiently.  This has saved money and increased performance.

Modular systems reduce production line design costs because components are inexpensive, interchangeable and reusable. Solutions can be devised and created to support the specific process and reconfigured quickly and easily whenever the requirement evolves or improvements are identified.

GRAPHIT modular storage and handling systems are an increasingly popular way to support lean manufacturing. We pride ourselves on our ability to create production environments matched to our customers’ specific requirements. Contact our team to discuss the solutions to your workspace challenges.

No need to move! Smart thinking will reclaim your workspace.  Our modular installations will reduce the footprint of your working area and be lighter and faster to implement than welded or standard of the shelf solutions.  
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