Elite Winter Bike Race takes place in store


The preliminary round of the Elite Winter Race is taking place in the Airbike Store in Warsaw.  The qualifying rounds began on the 11th January.  Riders have to complete a 5km virtual route as fast as possible for a chance to win an Elite Force prize.

Competitor on the GRAPHIT BikeTable, a solution with built-in video display by Trilogiq Poland. 

The 2016 edition of Elite Racing is now moving full steam ahead! 35 stores in Poland are taking part, including two shops in Lodz. Different routes are selected for each shop with different skill-level profiles. In each location, the three best riders will be selected to compete in local semi-finals and finals.

Competitors can visit the Airbike Store (https://www.facebook.com/Specialized-Store-Airbike-350653215040218/)  to take part in a preliminary round of the Elite Winter Race.  Beat the competitor with the faster time and win the great prize of an Elite Novo Force Pack!

There won’t be just one overall final winner this year – each bike store will host its own semi-final and final, giving riders more chances to win one of three fabulous prizes!