Frequently asked questions

When will my order ship?

Bulk – Most orders will ship within five business days after receipt of your purchase order.

Engineered To Order Projects – When your purchase order is received, it is sent to our project management team. Orders need to be reviewed, engineering drawings prepared, and approved. Your project manager will determine and communicate the lead time and ship date based on the size, complexity of your order, and our production schedule.

Where does my order ship from?

Your order will ship from our production facility at 31805 Glendale Street, Livonia, MI 48150.

How do I obtain shipping information?

Our team will communicate the shipment details, i.e. dimensions, weight and number of shipping containers. This will give you all that you need to arrange transportation of your finished product. If you would like us to arrange the transportation, we will communicate the mode of transportation and the transportation cost.

How do I get part information?

Our customer support team is well informed about the products and services that we offer. Call us at 734.464.7430 with your questions, and we can provide the information you need to order.

How do I get pricing information?

Your sales engineer or customer support team should provide you with any pricing information in the form of a formal quote. We do have price sheets for our bulk component parts. For engineer to order products, that is by quote only.

How do I get a product catalog?

We have electronic catalogs that we can forward to you.

How do I contact my sales engineer?

If you do not know who your sales engineer is, you call our office, speak with Shelley MacKenzie, our Sales Support associate, and she will give you the contact information for your sales engineer. If you know who your sales engineer is but cannot reach them, give our office a call and we can forward your information to them.

Where do I send my purchase orders?

All purchase orders must be sent to for the timeliest processing of your order.

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