Are your staff getting the message?


Is your visual information getting the attention it deserves or are your staff claiming to be ‘kept out of the loop?’

Visual management, is an established technique in many manufacturing businesses, utilising simple visual signals such as charts, symbols, images and diagrams to convey information rather than relying on cumbersome texts and written instructions. Colour coding is also commonly used.

The basic idea behind visual management is that if something is clearly visible it is easier to remember and understand. Presenting everyone in the production area with the same information also helps to support common objectives so they are all focused on the processes and outcomes that are the most important to the success of the business. This methodology shares many goals with lean manufacturing including reduced waste, better efficiency and continuous process improvement.

cube-5-1The modular approach now allows users to devise and configure a whole range of innovative three-dimensional structures to present visual information. This can include walls or gantries, positioned at entrances and exits, so that employees see important and timely information as they arrive and leave.

Lighting, video screens and other audio-visual equipment can also be incorporated into structures to enable the creation of integrated solutions that are visually impressive, while maintaining clean lines and simple design, the hallmarks of an effective lean manufacturing solution.

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