Are you ready to move to a new generation in modular solutions?


TRILOGIQ has redesigned, reinforced and improved compact brackets across all our composite ranges, to deliver stronger structures to all our customers.

TRILOGIQ has revised and modernized our modular systems offering unparalleled versatility, strength and durability. Our composite ranges introduce innovative tubes, brackets and accessories that have been reinforced to create solutions suitable for a much wider range of industries and environments.

Composite solutions have many advantages over their traditional metal counterparts as the new components are extremely flush fitting and waterproof, which is very important for healthcare customers, clean room equipment and in high tech industries. For example our customer Sunna Design, who produce solar equipment have found GRAPHIT to be in perfect harmony with their newly designed, state of the art factory. Very specific applications were designed for their parts protection and storage needs, taking into account size and unique functions. See video

We have painstakingly studied, revised and improved everything. GRAPHIT is the culmination of over two years’ joint research with high-profile laboratories and suppliers specializing in composite materials and plastics. GRAPHIT is the result of experiments with material, design and color studies. The GRAPHIT system lends itself to many sectors of industry, including healthcare, distribution, retail outlets, tourism, food processing, general industry, high-end consumer, and high-tech environments.
New lightweight, high-tech composite brackets, designed for high strength and elegance, create ergonomic and mobile solutions that are easy to assemble. 41 components for 53 combinations! Significantly improved and redesigned for flush fitting, enhanced grip and a smooth finish.

The Benefits in brief:

  • Compatible and Reusable – Mix and Match
  • Air and Watertight – Easy to clean
  • Quick and easy to assemble – Smooth and easy to handle
  • Reinforced Grip
  • Durable and Anti-corrosive
  • 65% Lighter than metal equivalent
  • Innovative and versatile approach to managing angles

composite solutionCompatible with 28.6mm diameter tube, components are much lighter than the metal equivalent.
The roller track, guides and supports are completely compatible with our composite range.

The GRAPHIT BLACK range combines the specific advantages of composite systems with some of the traditional characteristics of classic steel systems. Resulting in lightweight, tactile, easy-to-assemble, slim bracket profiles and better visual coordination with existing steel solutions. A wide creative range of design-focused components. This range is stronger and incorporates advanced features and benefits at a price that remains highly competitive.

Solutions are custom made to match your unique requirements, and a full project management service is provided to ease the process from concept to delivery and installation.

Making small modifications to your process or activity whenever required is easier to implement, eliminating the time and financial waste associated with adapting none compatible solutions to fit. These significant and sustainable performance improvements in your lean manufacturing processes will lead to continuous improvement over time.

Our brackets are smooth and rounded, which makes them easy to handle and helps to prevent damage to equipment. For many the biggest benefit is that all components can be reused over and over again, without losing their appearance, strength or integrity. Fewer replacement parts are required and the long-term utility of the system delivers excellent return on investment. Assembly is also quieter than comparable metal systems. Our patented Trilogiq soft-grip material has been improved for reinforced grip, better shock absorption and the capacity to support higher maximum loads.

A polymer insert holds the nut and screw in the correct position so that they can be brought together with one hand using simple tools. Assembly can be up to 30 per cent faster than conventional systems, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

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