Always ‘Just in time’ the Kanban way


Implementing Kanban will help to eliminate overloading and increase productivity, whilst eliminating wasteful activities.

Kanban is a material replenishment system for lean and just-in-time manufacturing, an effective tool to support running a production system as a whole, and an excellent way to promote process improvement.

Kanban racks are filled with the exact materials or components needed to fulfil a chosen number of tasks, thus improving efficiency and helping to reduce inventory costs in manufacturing.

Kanban is the method behind visual prompting and can be introduced into many solutions such as flow racks, workstations or work-cells. Generally when implementing a Kanban system there will be a separate location for each part, with a return lane either on the top or the bottom. When an empty box is in the return lane it will signal the ‘water spider’ that it needs refilling with parts. The box is returned before the last box has been used and emptied ready for production to continue uninterrupted.

Trilogiq calls this solution a Kanban rack, which can be implemented into any system you already have in place to prompt the re-stock. For example some companies have a pick to light system – a light comes on when a part needs replenishing. Some companies use a “water spider” (A Supervisor, trained and familiar with the process) who knows the pattern and timings of different racks and is constantly in the loop refilling the racks to suit a specific time frame (Just-in-Time). Others have a manual visual signal to indicate that a box needs refilling, for instance; by an attached red tube, which can be rotated to stick up above the rack that needs refilling.
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