A place for everything and everything in its place!


So much time and effort can be saved when tools are exactly where you expect them to be.  Getting an organized workplace is simpler with the integration of a shadow board with ergonomic workstations and carts.  

Every tool has a designated, easy-to-identify place, ensuring that you can always return your tools to the correct position and lay your hands on them again and again whenever you need.

When tools are shared by a team of people, as so often happens, they are not always put back in the right place. The result is that you and your colleagues spend time looking, which is time-consuming and costly.


Shadow boards help to fulfill the requirements of 5S perfectly because they:

Sort and separate tools that are needed to get the job done and dispense with everything else.
Set to Order: Place all relevant tools within reach of operatives and reduce the need to be away from the workstation.
Shine: Maintain safety and order in the workplace, keeping tools clean and helping to reduce defects.
Standardize: Create standard practices that will ensure maintenance of the steps you have already undertaken by introducing color coded shadow boards for functions and processes.
Sustain: Support consistent work methods in Lean manufacturing and eliminate the buildup of clutter.

The shadow board supports good practice for you and your team, making it easy to ensure that tools are always kept in the correct position. They will also reduce and eliminate safety hazards as tools are not left in inappropriate places that could cause injury.

Tools and sensitive components are protected by keeping them apart to avoid unnecessary wear and damage, and placed in the correct order of use for the task at hand. This helps to reduce the need for replacements and so reduces costs.

Our shadow boards are available in a range of colors and are anti-static (ESD-protected). Custom-made to suit the needs of your business and the tools and components you use. They help you increase productivity, save time and maximize profits.

Built into and combined with ergonomic workstations, the shadow board supports the efficient completion of tasks by keeping tools in the correct position and ready for use. It ensures tools are always returned to their correct location.

Contact us  for more information on shadow boards and how they can be supplied bespoke to suit your unique manufacturing requirements.