A Perfect Kit in Manufacturing


Save time on processing parts and eliminate production delays by creating the perfect kit for your process.

Kitting carts are especially useful for manufacturing assembly and service areas.  Custom built as defined by the task, our kitting carts enable operatives to gather together all the components and parts required for the manufacturing process to create a kit all in one place for more efficient assembly.  The kits of individual components are stored together on custom made carts, ensuring stock levels are always visible for review and shortages managed without delay.   

KITTING TROLLEY EXAMPLEStore operatives can pick and load the carts as required, to complete the parts and components kit as defined by the process and make available at the point of use on the production line. The time taken in processing parts is reduced and production delays for parts availability are eliminated.

Carts built using our extensive range of lightweight tubular components, brackets, wheels, and accessories come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be custom built to suit a wide range of environments for moving, handling and mobile storage. They are also ideal for protecting valuable or fragile components that require special care when being handled in work areas.

Our applications can be assembled into permanent or temporary structures that can be adapted, reconfigured and rebuilt whenever required to maximize efficiency in evolving storage and handling applications.  New or temporary carts can be built quickly and adapted easily to meet changing process requirements. Components can be reused for new applications which means that the total lifetime cost of implementation and ownership is reduced.

We offer a full consultancy and project management service. To discuss your requirements please contact us