A breakout could boost productivity


Do you turn to the site manager’s office as the default location for meetings?

When space in production areas is at a premium, it is not surprising that meeting areas, breakout facilities for staff and walk-in work and interview areas are often treated as low priority.
It is not always easy to ensure that you have adequate room dedicated to vital non-production activities. When the lack of space and privacy puts basic operational effectiveness, productivity and morale at risk, there is a practical solution to the problem. Easy to build, flexible and versatile, a modular meeting area can give you the space you need.
Give employees a break from digital display monitors to comply with health and safety VDU requirements. Provide a private, relaxing space for staff appraisals, interviews, meetings and training away from the production line, to assist time-management, enhance flexibility, and boost productivity.
A modular meeting area can be used for all sorts of important functions; from a place for staff meetings, to a breakout area for customers and visitors. Getting that all important extra space with a modular approach is highly flexible and versatile. A purpose-built modular meeting area with acoustic screens can to be multifunctional, acting as a shared space to be utilized for a variety of activities, and doubled up as storage space when required.



A breakout area does not need take up much space. The use of a screening system can section off part of the floorspace and adding some comfortable chairs, a table or catering trolley, configured to fit the function and layout, will create a pleasant space that’s unique, functional and robust.

A modular meeting area can be dismantled, relocated and refitted time and time again, allowing you to adapt to changing needs, reduce waste and make the most of the available space. No need for long periods of disruption, inconvenience and mess. A modular solution will ensure that crucial applications can be created quickly without disturbing production or staff.

Take inspiration from the guys at Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google who understand the importance of balancing workplace demands with breaks for communication, relaxation and fun, and have taken breakout areas to a whole new level.  Creating a great space to breakout and revive will transform your company’s culture and improve morale.

If you are considering creating a meeting space or leisure area, then modular can help make the most of your available space. Contact our team for more information.

Breakout activity areas are not just for adults, one of our customers is creating a fun zone for kids
Modular play area solution, easily reconfigured to fit any space.